Crimetrackers: Hidden threat

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TUCSON – When inmates are booked into the Pima County jail just what are they trying to sneak in?

Video surveillance provided by the Pima County jail shows a woman reaching into her sock, pulling out crystal meth and then putting it in her mouth attempting to swallow it.

Corrections officers see this through the video monitors approach her and tell her to spit it out. She finally does.

Lt. Sean Stewart who heads Security Services says, “Had she swallowed that it probably would have killed her or at least made her extremely ill.”

On a daily basis, corrections officers like Todd Mattas often find contraband during pat downs.

“We’re the first line of defense as far as preventing any new arrestees from getting injured as well as staff.”

Lt. Stewart says inmates will try anything to smuggle in drugs, weapons, and even cash.

“You’ll find stuff taped to the inner thigh up near the groin area.”

Inmates getting booked have to go thru a metal detector much like the airports, also like the airport a Morpho detection machine.

Sgt. Steve Street says, “It detects any drugs that anybody has on their hands, their clothing any part of their body we decide to test and we do it randomly.”

If the strength reading is 3-point-1 or higher, the inmates are stripped searched.

Lt. Stewart says, “Its just one slippery slope if that stuff gets into your housing unit within a week that whole housing unit could be out of control.”

One more tool to keep the jail as safe and secure as possible.

Not every inmate is stripped search the U-S Supreme court says, officers have to have probable cause to do that.


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