CEO Corner

To our valued shareholders:

I would like to take some time and reflect on 2014, as well as provide some insight into where the Company is headed in the calendar year 2015.  First, I would like to thank our shareholders for their never wavering support.  Secondly, I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their direction, counsel and steadfast vision for CDEX and its technology.  Their guidance has proven to be invaluable to CDEX and to its shareholders.  Lastly, I would like to say thank you to our team of contractors, suppliers, and employees.  Their patience, commitment, and endurance, have proven vital in our push toward success in the chemical detection and validation technologies for the healthcare and security markets.

2014 was an exciting year for CDEX and its technology. Our ValiMed G4 formulary, which consists of all diversion drugs was completed for beta testing.  We also began our efforts to incorporate an additional 40 high risk drugs into the formulary that would be beneficial to the ValiMed G5 patient safety platform that is currently on pace to launch in 2016.  While in beta testing, our ValiMed G4 provided valuable information, leading us to conclude that the product required additional updates. From beta feedback, we began to make the necessary changes to advance the Valimed G4 out of beta mode and toward a final product.

To aid in the upgrades of the ValiMed G4, CDEX expanded its technical team to include John Coates, Ph.D. as the Technical Director for Spectroscopy Products.  Dr. Coates, a globally recognized spectroscopist and instrumentation expert with 40-years’ experience in the fields of applied spectroscopy and analytical method development, is charged with guiding the ongoing development of CDEX’s spectral management systems for medication analysis and validation, with specific focus on achieving optimal performance of the ValiMed™ Medical Validation System product line.  With Dr. Coates on our team, we worked with our OEM manufacturers to improve the specifications of the components in our system, modified some processes, expanded the capabilities of the system, and with his efforts we feel that the product is very close to its final form and ready for commercialization in the upcoming year.

Due to the established growing needs for our technology and given the fact that we are very close to commercialization and implementation of our ValiMed G4, CDEX has engaged Hanover International as its Capital Markets Advisor.  Hanover International will maintain a proactive investor relations outreach effort, keep an open line of communication with the investment community and help guide us as we build our investment banking relationships, which could prove to be pivotal in our quest to accomplish our business plan and our near term growth strategies.

As for an update from our Security Markets division, we have continued to sell the ID2 Meth Scanner at a slow and steady pace.   With opportunities presenting themselves in New Zealand and Australia, 2015 should prove to be interesting for our Security Markets division.  However, until we are able to launch the ValiMed G4 system completely, we will handle the sales of the product as they are needed. We will look to more aggressively market and promote the ID2 Meth Scanner’s product line after the ValiMed G4 product launch.

With the steady flow of inquiries and continued growing interest in the ValiMed G4 system from hospitals nationwide along with the feedback that we have received from various investment banking firms, I am very optimistic that CDEX is ready for a break out year in 2015.

As you probably know, we cannot predict the future with certainty.  Many of the thoughts expressed in this letter are “forward-looking statements” under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1996 and as such are subject to risks and uncertainties.  You should read this letter in conjunction with all of our information available on the SEC’s website at, including risk factors included therein.