Company Overview

CDEX is a technology company specializing in advanced chemical detection and validation devices.
Based on its patented Enhanced Photoemission Spectroscopy technology, they provide unique
solutions to the challenges of identifying substances in difficult-to-monitor & critical environments.

Current market channels addressed:

  • Medication and drug validation – ValiMed™ Systems
  • Illicit drug detection – ID2 product line
  • ID2 Meth Scanner – handheld version for detecting meth, used in home inspection and remediation
  • Pocket ID2 Scanner – pocket sized detection device detects meth and other illicit drugs, for use in law enforcement and other applicable environments

CDEX’s proprietary systems will be applied in other fields including:

  • Homeland security – i.e. explosive detection and illicit drugs
  • Brand protection – through fraud identification
  • Counterfeit drug identification

Recurring revenue model

  • ID2 products – direct product sales and recurring revenue generated through required annual maintenance and recalibration
  • Valimed™ systems – direct placement fee with monthly residual and usage fees
  • Products are distributed in the market via national and international distributors such as Lifeloc Technologies, Decatur Electronics and independent distributor
  • Multi billion dollar market opportunity in several market segments

CDEX’s Filing of Forms, Statements and Reports Required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission can be viewed here.

View our most recent annual report  Here and Here.