Our Technology

CDEX’s technology stands alone, able to precisely identify medications and chemicals in real-time with its patented Enhanced Photoemission Spectroscopy technology. Energy at a preset wavelength interrogates the selected substance, capturing a unique emission spectrum which is then compared to the proprietary signature, resulting in a simple “validated” or “detected” reading when matched. The ValiMed System contains a signature library of nearly 200 liquid high-risk medications, allowing each system to be customized to the customer’s needs. These proven signatures are derived from tested samples to achieve statistical significance through mathematical processing, dilution/concentration studies, and medical reviews. In addition to validating high-risk medications before leaving the pharmacy, ValiMed also monitors and discourages the diversion of controlled substances by validating the returned (unused) narcotics from patient treatment areas and surgery suites. The ValiMed Medication Validation System detects human mishaps, significantly raising the bar on medication safety and pharmaceutical drug loss prevention. For the ID2 Meth Scanner, a hand-held, battery-operated methamphetamine detector, the same advanced technology is applied to detect trace quantities (low nanogram range) of meth in real time without the risk of harmful contact through skin absorption or inhalation from testing, a once impossible feat. Before any product goes to market, it is first rigorously tested internally and by our trusted strategic partners in product-related fields including medical, homeland security, brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and drug detection. With this critical feedback, CDEX is then able to fine tune the functionality and performance of our systems, yielding the highest of product standards.